COVID-19 Challenge

What is COVID-19 Challenge?

2020 Chinese New Year was marked by the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus epidemic. While we pray for those we love, those who are suffering, and those who put their lives on the line to improve the situation, JI-CFE calls all JI students to use this crisis as an opportunity to put their creativity to test. Virus will always be with us and we are likely to see more outbreaks in the future, but we can use current epidemic as an opportunity to learn how to improve the way we respond to the epidemic.

Is there an issue that you think can be improved? Then


  1. Observe and think about the problem carefully
  2. Brainstorm your solution to deal with it better through technological (devices, apps, systems, etc) or non-technological (business, NGO, policy) measures in a team of 2-5 students, non-JI students can also participate in a team but the team leader must be a JI student
  3. Summarize the problem and solution into 2-4 ppt slides
  4. Email it to by 5pm. Sunday, March 22, 2020

Examples of Innovation during Coronavirus Outbreak 
by Mr. Jerry Zhu (Industry Consultant at JI-CFE)

Submission Details

Your submission (2-4 pages presentation) should include…


  1. A title page including your names and emails
  2. Description of the problem
    • What is the problem and who suffers from it?
    • How widespread is this problem?
    • Provide evidence (something you read or heard from reliable sources, provide sources in notes)
  3. Description of your solution
    • Technological: apps, systems, devices, etc.
    • Non-technological: organization, business model, policy for government, schools and neighborhood etc.

Criteria for selection

CFE Assistant Jiaxi Chen explaining the rules and procedure of the competition

  • How important is it to solve the problem you describe
  • How effectively will your solution solve the problem
  • How practical is your solution
  • How creative is your idea

What will happen next?

  • JI-CFE will make shortlist some of the projects (announced by March 30th)
  • Shortlisted projects will receive comments for improvement through workshops/mentoring
  • The final winner will be decided in May
  • Awards will be given to winners proportional to your efforts
  • Details of this competition will be adjusted and announced after receiving all submissions

Contact CFE ( for any questions.

Final Round

The details for final round to be held on Zoom:

Date: 5th May, 14:00 – 16:00
Zoom Meeting ID: 910 3512 8582
Meeting Password: 050502
9 JI student teams will make final presentations of their innovative ideas to improve our life under pandemic

(Mentors: Pradeep Ray, Kweeyan Teh, Jerry Zhu, Sparkl Xiao)

Prof. Zhigang Zhang – CEO, neoBay (China)
Mr. Alexander Bugge – COO, REFUNITE (Denmark)
Mr. Rupayan Chowdhury – CEO, Synesis IT (Bangladesh)

All are welcome to join the event

Audience will have a chance to choose their favorite teams and increase their chance of winning

Please RSVP by joining our WeChat Group for the event