Bi-static Sensing in 6G Perceptive Mobile Networks

Date: 2023/11/15 - 2023/11/15

Academic Seminar: Bi-static Sensing in 6G Perceptive Mobile Networks

Speaker: J. Andrew Zhang

Time: 10:00 - 11:30, November 15, 2023 (Beijing Time)

Location: CIMC Auditorium (Room 300), JI Long Bin Building


Clock asynchronism between spatially isolated transmitter and receiver is a central problem in bi-static sensing when integrating radar sensing into communication networks. It can cause ranging ambiguity and prevent coherent processing of dis-continuous measurements in the integration with asynchronous transceivers. Should it be resolved, sensing can be efficiently realized in communication networks, requiring little network infrastructure and hardware changes.

This talk explores the techniques for resolving the clock asynchronism problem in the integration. We first introduce this problem in the context of the 6G perceptive mobile networks where sensing is integrated into mobile communications. We then review three classes of existing techniques, including using a global reference clock, single-node-based and network-based solutions. We elaborate on the single-node-based solution, which achieves sensing in a single node with multiple receiving antennas, exploring the common clock offsets across antennas. Multiple state-of-the-art techniques will be discussed, with a highlight of their ideas, advantages and disadvantages. We conclude the talk by looking into open problems and future research opportunities.

Dr J. Andrew Zhang (M'04-SM'11) is a Professor in the School of Electrical and Data Engineering, University of Technology Sydney, Australia. His research interests are in the area of signal processing for wireless communications and sensing. Prof. Zhang has published more than 270 papers in leading Journals and conference proceedings, and has won 5 best paper awards. He is a recipient of CSIRO Chairman's Medal and the Australian Engineering Innovation Award in 2012 for exceptional research achievements in multi-gigabit wireless communications.
Prof. Zhang is one of the pioneer researchers in integrated sensing and communications (ISAC). He initiated the concept of perceptive mobile network, by defining its system framework and demonstrating its feasibility in a set of papers back in 2017. Prof. Zhang co-organized a number of ISAC workshops at leading conferences and special issues in leading IEEE journals. He has delivered ISAC tutorials in WCNC 2021, ICC 2021, and ICC 2022, and numerous keynotes and invited talks. He is serving as the publication co-chair of the IEEE Communication Society's Integrated Sensing and Communication Emerging Technology Initiative (ISAC-ETI) and the Editor-in-Chief for its official publication, the ISAC-Focus. Prof. Zhang has received more than five million dollars of research funds in this area. For details, please refer to .