An “English Full House” organized by the JI Graduate Students’ Union and SJTU School of Foreign Languages Students’ Association kicked off at the Yu Liming Activity Center on March 13, attracting many Chinese students as well as foreign students. This activity aims to provide opportunities of exchange, learning, and friendship for students from all over the world.
The event was team based; each team randomly picked a story about Chinese culture, such as “Dream of the Red Pavilion,” “The Cowherd and the Weaving Girl,” etc. followed by group discussions, individual presentation, word guessing, or a complete narrative to depict the story. Finally, a foreign guest commented and made suggestions on students’ language capabilities, storytelling, stage performance, and communication skills. The event was interspersed with speeches, fun games, and animated discussions. Team members cooperated seamlessly. The atmosphere was pleasant and heartwarming.


Group discussion in progress

In the relaxed environment, the Chinese students practiced speaking English and met many new friends while the foreign students gained a better understanding of Chinese culture. It is reported that this event will be held regularly as a distinctive activity of the JI Graduate Students’  Union to promote positive exchange and learning.


“English Full House” in action