The results of the 2014 Shanghai Excellent Thesis Awards for master theses and doctoral dissertations have been announced recently.

Passing the competitive selection process of both Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai Government Education Committee, Chengzhi Shi, ME master student, and Xiaolong He, ECE master student, both of the University of Michigan- SJTU Joint Institute’s (UM-SJTU JI) 2010 Class of Graduate Students (first of JI), turned out to be the winners of this honor.

Thesis Title Author Advisor
Modal Properties, Stability, and Applications of Centrifugal Pendulum Vibration Absorber Systems Chengzhi Shi Robert G. Parker
Metallic Nano-Slit Grids on Fiber Facets for Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensing XiaoLong He Tian Yang

It is the highest award for the outstanding degree thesis/dissertation given by the Shanghai Government Education Committee. A very competitive selection process was employed for the awards as follows (only data on master theses are shown):

  1. The schools nominate candidates (A total of 90 candidates were nominated from all schools of SJTU, including four from JI)
  2. The universities recommend candidates to the municipal level (35 master theses)
  3. The Shanghai government selects and notifies the winners (173 master theses)

As a result, 168 doctoral dissertations and 173 master theses from all universities in Shanghai have been awarded, covering more than 60 disciplines including Architecture, Chemistry, Computer Science, Dentistry, Economics, etc. Among the winners, 40 doctoral dissertations and 30 master theses are from SJTU, accounting for 24% of all doctoral recipients and 17% of all master’s recipients respectively.
In 2013, there were 5000 master students graduated from SJTU (including 3700 academic master students and 1300 professional master students), which means SJTU selected 35 from the pool of 5000 master theses, while only 16 JI master students graduated in the same year, so 13% of the JI 2013 master graduates are awarded. The results demonstrate the high quality of JI’s graduate program.