Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) just announced the winners of SJTU IPP (University Student Innovative Practice Program) to advance to the National IPP and Shanghai IPP. Five of the University of Michigan- SJTU Joint Institute (UM-SJTU JI) students’ IPP projects are among the winners.

Two projects are selected to the national level:

  • A Motion Capture and Response System based on Wearable Sensors (Proposer: Xubo Leng)
  • Predicting the baby’s health condition based on the prenatal data (Proposer: Shenghao Tang)

Three projects are selected to the Shanghai level:

  • Artificial Intelligence Painter Based On Neural Network (Proposer: Xiangyu Wang)
  • Modeling design and error analysis of digital coal storage yard through 3D laser scanning (Proposer: Yijie Ding)
  • Photoacoustic endoscopic imaging probe’s configuration design and development (Proposer: Dongqing Xia)
The success demonstrates JI students’ excellent capability in technological innovation and teamwork. JI keeps strengthening undergraduate students’ innovative ability by encouraging students to participate in SJTU’s Undergraduate Research Program (PRP) and university students Innovative Practice Program (IPP) throughout the junior year. Moreover, JI incorporates both programs into the undergraduate curriculum. Research courses based on the faculty’s projects are offered to juniors and seniors. Through campus resources, research courses, JI student Innovation Club and innovation competitions, JI has built a broad platform for undergraduate students to develop innovative capabilities.

SJTU IPP (university students’ Innovative Practice Program) aims to stimulate students’ research interest and potential by supporting high academic achievers with strong potential to develop independent scientific research topics. The program stresses nurturing students’ innovative thinking and practice capabilities through interdisciplinary topics of frontier science and technology. Students can participate in SJTU’s “Undergraduate Research Program” (PRP) or advance from JI-level innovation projects onto SJTU IPP. SJTU will select excellent IPP projects and submit to the national level or Shanghai level.
The National IPP is sponsored by China’s Ministry of Eduction, with the goal to transform educational concepts, reform talent training, strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship training to meet China’s demand for high-level innovative talents.