JI Associate Professor David Hung has been selected by the United Kingdom’s Royal Academy of Engineering to receive a 2014-2015 Distinguished Visiting Fellowship.  The fellowship provides full funding and local support for Professor Hung to travel to the UK to work with his host and collaborator, Professor Martin Davy, of the University of Oxford.

IMG_20141017_123103副本Professor Hung with his host and collaborator, Professor Martin Davy

Professor Hung and Professor Davy will be working together to address the fundamental research related to the variations of fuel-air mixture preparation and combustion process in engines.  Cycle-by-cycle variations in engine combustion—brought about by cycle-by-cycle variations in fuel atomization and evaporation, in-cylinder airflow, temperature distribution, pressure and residual gas content—represent a particular challenge to the advancement of the internal combustion engine. Combustion variability adversely affects engine performance, emissions and economy, therefore significant gains can be expected from its reduction. One of the particular technical challenges that must be addressed is the identification of the dominant contributing factors to the combustion variability at any given engine load and operating condition and the quantification of each major factors’ contributions to the overall  variability. The funding provided by the Royal Academy of Engineering enables Professor Hung and Professor Davy to jointly tackle the fundamental issues of cycle-by-cycle variations in internal combustion engines.
The aim of the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Distinguished Visiting Fellowship scheme is to help UK universities to build capacity and promote collaborations by facilitating visits by distinguished international experts. It provides funding to enable an academic engineering department in a UK university to be a host for up to a month to a Distinguished Visiting Fellow from an overseas academic center of excellence.
For more information about the Distinguished Visiting Fellowship of the United Kingdom’s Royal Academy of Engineering, please refer to the following website:
Brief Bio of Professor David Hung:
Dr. David Hung is an associate professor of the JI. He received his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, USA, in 1998.  Previously, he was an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Michigan State University, and he also held professional employments in the US at General Motors, Delphi and Visteon Corporations where he researched on advanced powertrain systems, gasoline direct injection engine, and optical diagnostics.  His research projects were funded by the US Department of Energy and other agencies.  Professor Hung joined the JI in June 2010 with a dual appointment as a professor in the Institute of Automotive Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering at SJTU.  He has published over 80 papers in archival journals and conference proceedings including Nature Physics, International Journal of Engine Research, IEEE Transactions of Mechatronics, SAE and ASME Transactions.  He has been granted 10 US patents. He is serving as an editorial board member of the highly regarded journal Progress in Energy and Combustion Science (Impact factor of 16.909 during 2013-2014).  He has received numerous funding from Chinese agencies, including China MOE’s new century talent award, NSFC grants, SJTU inter-disciplinary research grant.
At the JI, he has been teaching upper level and graduate subjects in automotive engineering and mechanical engineering laboratory courses, training students on engineering skills and team work through interactive learning. He received the 2012 SJTU Excellent Teaching (First Prize) Award.  In addition, as the lead instructor for Vm495, he has been recognized with other JI faculty members in the core mechanical engineering discipline to win the 2012 SJTU Teaching Achievement Award and 2013 Academic Achievement Award by the City of Shanghai for JI’s reform and innovation in training mechanical engineering students.  Professor Hung was elected as a Fellow of SAE International (Society of Automotive Engineers) in 2013.