On January 13, in the award ceremony of SJTU’s Student Affairs Committee, JI’s Student Affairs Office, consisting of Scott Yang, Qi Wu, Candy Liu, Michael Chen, Wentao Qian, and Jie Lin, stood out to receive the award as “Excellent Student Work Group,”  which is the highest honor from the Student Affairs Committee of SJTU. In addition, Candy Liu received the “Award of Study Style Construction” for her effort in career counseling. For the first time, with the effort of Michael Chen, the Youth League of JI was awarded as “Wu Si Outstanding Youth League .” Wentao Qian, JI’s student counselor, won the award of “Outstanding Part-time Counselor,” which means he is one of the top ten among all SJTU counselors.

Once the news was out, the Student Affairs Office was showered with messages of congratulations and appreciation from JI’s leaders and faculty. Gang Zheng, Associate Dean of the Undergraduates, remarked, “We take everything related to our students seriously. This makes your job an extremely important part of the JI function…We all know how complicated, stressful, time consuming, and in some cases even tedious the work in student affairs can be. The awards not only recognize your efforts in this part of the JI, but also indicate your great contribution to JI’s success. “

Horst Hofberger, JI’s mathematics lecturer and Chair of Faculty Committee on Discipline, wrote, “As an instructor, I often rely on the student affairs office for advice and help when dealing with issues of individual students and I am without exception impressed by the support I receive. Furthermore, the student affairs office plays a vital role in selecting the students comprising the Honor Council and coordinating between the Council and faculty. Thank you very much for your hard work!”

Qi Wu (5thfrom the left) represented the office to receive “Award of Excellent Student Work Group”

Candy Liu (5th from the right) won the “Award of Study Style Construction“

Michael Chen (5th from the right) received the award of “Wu Si Outstanding Youth League”

Wentao Qian (4th from the left) won the award of “Outstanding Part-time Counselor”