A big welcome party for this year’s JI summer exchange students was held at the SJTU Academic Center on May 19, 2013. The participants spent a relaxing Sunday afternoon playing games and learning about Chinese culture.
The activities planned for this year were poker-themed. Given the historic number of summer exchange students this year, participants were divided into 8 groups by color and number to compete in a set of fun games. Then there was a Jubeat Contest, a game to test their rhythm, singing, and dancing talents. Students enjoyed singing songs from classic and contemporary American artists. They also took part in activities to help them get accustomed to life in China. They sipped different types of tea commonly consumed in China, tasted traditional Chinese snacks, learned Chinese calligraphy, and played the Erhu—a classical Chinese 2-string instrument— among other things.

UM students showing their Chinese caligraphy

The event was well attended. It kicked off the series of extracurricular activities JI has planned for the exchange students of the 2013 summer program.