The winners of the 2014 Chiang Chen Overseas Graduate Fellowship have just been announced. Passing multiple interview and selection processes, Ming Zhong and Yanrong Li, two seniors from the Joint Institute, turn out to be the only two SJTU winners for this honor.
To encourage and help excellent students continue graduate study in the top universities abroad, Hong Kong’s Chiang Chen Industry Charity Foundation has established the Chiang Chen Overseas Graduate Fellowship which provides 10 recent graduates (from past two years and graduating this year) with a Chinese bachelor’s degree in engineering to pursue a master’s degree or Ph.D. in a top American university. A winner shall get admitted to one of the top 10 American graduate program in their major within the required period. The total amount of 50,000 USD will be distributed when the student starts his/her study in the U.S. Reportedly, JI’s Ming Zhong and Yanrong Li have been admitted to Cornell University and U.C. Berkeley respectively, thereby fulfilling the scholarship’s requirement.

_副本Ming Zhong (L) Yanrong Li (R) ,  the  winners of the scholarship

Since her founding in 2006, JI has established various scholarships on top of SJTU scholarships, including JI Champion Scholarship, JI Full-tuition Scholarship, JI Inspiring Scholarship, Covidien Scholarship, Yu Liming Scholarship, etc.


All graduate students, in addition to competitive scholarships provided by the Joint Institute, have the opportunity to apply for Covidien Scholarship and Yu Liming Scholarship, as well as all kinds of SJTU scholarships. During their study, all students can apply for various scholarships and financial aids provided by JI, SJTU, Shanghai, and the State.
As of January 2015, the latest statistics show that 365 or 30% of JI students have been awarded a total of 1,858,800 RMB in 14 categories, including National Undergraduate Scholarship, Inspiring Undergraduate Scholarship, Outstanding Undergraduate Scholarship, JI Freshman Scholarship, JI Foreign Freshman Scholarship, Yu Liming Scholarship, Fan Xuji Scholarship, Bosch scholarships, National Graduate Scholarship, Outstanding Graduate Scholarship, etc.