Our Vision

The UM-SJTU Joint Institute is governed by the guiding principles of Internationalization, Interdisciplinarity, Innovation and Quality…

Facts & Figures

Numbers don’t tell the whole story, but you might be impressed by UM-SJTU Joint Institute’s surprising facts & figures.


UM-SJTU Joint Institute is young and energetic. Our past is shining and inspiring. Look back on our milestones and see into our future.

Leadership Team

Our excellent leadership team is guiding the exciting journey to achieve our vision.

Organizational Structure

UM-SJTU Joint Institute is governed by the UM-SJTU Partnership Board and supported by administrative offices. Academic Program Group and Development Advisory Board assist the Dean and the leadership team in decision-making and development strategy.

Faculty & Staff

The UM-SJTU Joint Institute has more than 100 talented and dedicated faculty and staff members working to pursue its mission.

Long Bin Building

The UM-SJTU Joint Institute officially moved in the Long Bin Building on May 24, 2018.

Maps & Directions

The best way to learn about UM-SJTU Joint Institute is to visit it firsthand. We look forward to seeing you in Long Bin Building!

Job Opportunities

With the international environment and talented people, UM-SJTU Joint Institute offers a wealth of rewarding career opportunities. Find your position in UM-SJTU Joint Institute and be part of us.