International Programs

The International Programs Office (IPO) at the UM-SJTU Joint Institute supports the development and operations of JI ‘s international programs, including the Dual degree program, Global Degree Pathways as well as student exchange programs, winter programs and other non-degree programs.

Go Global!


the beauty of China

Life at JI is not just about studying; excursions throughout China are a great way to recharge batteries, build friendships and create memories that last forever.


for international students

Since 2007, nearly 400 students from 20 leading universities have come to study at JI. A growing list of partners trusts JI to provide a perfect study experience in Shanghai.

Living in a


Shanghai is the largest urban center in the world and one of the most dynamic places to live in. No matter where a student comes from, Shanghai will be an experience to remember.

JI students are


The Joint Institute mascot accompanies students as they discover new cultures throughout the world. Here Blue Tiger is in Schwerin, Germany, during one of the annual Winter Program excursions.



Make friends with students coming from all over the world and truly experience an internationl studying and living community.


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