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ME3200J – Heat Transfer


Lipo Wang;Zijie Qu;Chien-Pin Chen;Kenneth Grant Powell;余文胜”!ME!3200J!ME3200J!Fluid Mechanics I!!!!!!!Fluid statics; conservation of mass, momentum ,and energy in fixed and moving control volumes; steady and unsteady Bernoulli’s equation; differential analysis of fluid flow; dimensional analysis and similitude; laminar and turbulent flow; boundry layers; lift and drag; introduction to commercial CFD packages; applications to mechanical, biological, environmental, and micro-fluidic systems.!3 credits!Vm 235 and Vm 240 and Vv 256 or Vv 286!!!!!!umjiadmin!2020-01-03 16:13:04!2022-10-31 16:10:57!umjiadmin!umjiadmin!0!!402
ME3350J!y17h6!ME3200J Obtained Credit!Hua Bao

Credits: 3 credits

Pre-requisites: ME2350J Obtained Credit&&ME322430J Obtained Credit&&(MATH2160J Obtained Credit||MATH2560J Obtained Credit||MATH2860J Obtained Credit)


Lectures designed to introduce the student to the basics of heat transfer. Topics include conduction, convection, radiation; heat storage, energy conservation; steady-state/transient conduction heat transfer; thermal circuit modeling; multidimensional conduction; surface radiation properties, enclosure radiation exchange; surface convection/fluid streams over objects, nondimensional numbers, laminar, turbulent, thermobuoyant flow, boiling and condensation; heat exchangers; design of thermal systems, solvers for problem-solving/design. Emphasis is placed on identifying, formulating, and solving complex engineering problems.

Course Topics:

  1. Conservation of energy, rate equation
  2. Physics of conductivity, steady-state and transient conduction, thermal resistance and thermal circuit models and analysis
  3. Surface convection of fluid streams passing over objects, Nusselt, Prandtl, Reynolds, analytical relations and correlations for the Nusselt number
  4. Laminar, turbulent, parallel, perpendicular, and thermobuoyant flows, boiling and condensation
  5. Surface convection and convection of internal fluid streams, heat exchangers
  6. Physics of surface radiation, surface radiation properties, surface enclosure radiation exchange, thermal circuit modeling, nongray surfaces, inclusion of the heat transfer through the substrate