The Center for Global Applied Ethics (CGAE) is based in the University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (UM-SJTU JI) and conducts research and develops training in applied and professional ethics. With a focus on the cross-cultural and international dimensions of ethics, it works with partners in higher education and industry to promote more ethical behaviors in engineering, business, medicine, and law.

Background and mission

Engineering, business, law, and medicine are involved in all facets of the modern-day world, with the tremendous capacity to make billions of lives of lives better or worse. To maximize benefits and minimize harms, practitioners and organizations must behave ethically.
What does it mean to behave ethically in theses contexts? What can be done to ensure more ethical behaviors?

The Center for Global Applied Ethics (CGAE) addresses these questions, providing insights and offering training on the international and cultural dimensions of applied and professional ethics. The CGAE is an outgrowth of work by faculty both in China and abroad, to develop and deliver more effective training in and conduct research on global engineering ethics. It is now consolidating and extending these efforts across Shanghai Jiao Tong University, with partner universities and in industry.