Room 124、130- Machine Shop

The Machine Shop has an area of about 200m² and is equipped with various equipment, including the Mazak CNC Vertical Machining Center, Mazak CNC Lathe Machine, UNVERSAL Laser Cutting System, Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine, Conventional Lathe, Conventional Precision Milling Machine, and Manual Drilling Machine, etc. The Vertical Machining Center and CNC Lathe can perform mechanical cutting of various metal materials and composite materials. The Laser Cutting System can perform laser cutting on acrylic, wooden boards, cardboards, leather, fabric. The Laser Cutting System also can perform marking on ceramics, metallic materials, glass, composite materials. The Coordinate Measuring Machine can perform precise measurements of dimensional accuracy, shape tolerances, and positional tolerances of parts at a micron level, meeting the processing needs of various experimental courses and student innovation projects, and improving students’ practical skills.

Courses Taught: ENGR1000J, ME0800J, ME0801J, ME2500J, ME3500J, ME4500J, ME3950J, ME4950J