SJTU Summer research internship program

Elderly Care Robot Development and Deployment

Project Description and Objectives:
According to the latest reports, China has 15.8 million residents aged more than 65, and 24.1million aged more than 60 (as of 2017). Its population aging speed is the fastest as before. As the populations grows older, we also see a decrease in young people prepared to take care of the elderly groups. This project is to develop and deploy an elderly care robot that can perform simple service like medicine delivery etc.

Eligibility Requirements:
Basic knowledge of:
> Mechanical engineering
> Programming language

Main Tasks:
> To build a simple “elderly care” scenario using KT board etc.
> To program and practice a brand new service robot.
> Deploy the robot in “elderly care” scenario and perform medicine delivery task.

Contact Information:
Mr. Jason Xia