Room 118 – Solid Mechanical Lab 

The Solid Mechanical Lab has an area of 40m² and is equipped with world-class solid mechanics related equipment, including the Polytec Laser Doppler Scanning Vibrometer, the MTS Servo Hydraulic Fatigue Test System, the Correlated Solutions VIC-3D Non-contacting Full-field Deformation Measurement System, and the MTS Tensile Testing Machine. It can meet various solid mechanics experiments such as full-field non-contact visualization of mechanical vibration analysis, full-field non-contact visualization of three-dimensional shape displacement and deformation measurement, static and dynamic testing of materials and components (durability, fatigue crack propagation, high and low cycle fatigue, tension, compression), and more.

Courses Taught: ME2400J, ME3950J, ME4950J, ME2110J, ME3110J, ME3820J, ME4900J