Minor in Electrical and Computer Engineering

 JI offers a minor in Electrical and Computer Engineering which is designed for JI students majoring ME and MSE to have a cross discipline study experience in interested ECE areas. The minor shall provide knowledge and skills complementing the students’ majors and better prepare them for graduate studies and job market. A minimum of 15 credits of courses are required for this minor, including:

Required course (4 credits)

VE215 Introduction to Circuits

Three Courses (at least 11 credits), at least one on 400-level or above

• VE216, VE351, VE455, VE460, VM461 (communications, signal processing, control)
• VE230, VE330, VE334, VE434, VE438 (EM and optics)
• VE270, VE370, VE373, VE470, VE482, VE489 (computer)
• VE311, VE312, VE320, VE413, VE414, VE421, VE427 (circuits and devices)
• VE401, VE496, VE300 are excluded
• May transfer up to one course


• Having declared a major
• In good academic standing (GPA 2.0 or above)
• JI students majoring in ME or MSE (JI students in ECE may NOT declare a Electrical and Computer Engineering minor)

This minor may add some credits to the credits required for a bachelor’s degree at JI. A student should receive a grade of C or better for all the courses required for the minor. The Minor should be declared before graduation. Transfer credits are acceptable for the Elective courses. No credits may be used to satisfy the requirements of more than one minor. No credits may be double counted for a minor and an undergraduate research certificate.