Minor in Management

JI offers a minor in Management to encourage students to learn practical skills that may help in their future career as upcoming leaders with international visions. A minimum of 15 credits of courses are required for the minor, including:

Foundation Courses

Business Administration (6 credits)

  • Marketing Management (2 credits)
  • Accounting and Finance (2 credits)
  • BUS4020J: Managing a Business (2 credits)

Engineering Management (3 credits)

  • One of the following:
    • Supply Chain Management (3 credits)
    • Statistical Quality Control (3 credits)

If both courses are completed, the second course can be counted as an elective.

Electives (≥6 credits)

  • Business Strategy and Innovation (2 credits)
  • BUS2510J: Branding and Brand Management (2 credits)
  • BUS3515J: Advanced Branding and Brand Management (2 credits)
  • Leadership (2 credits)
  • Economics (2 credits)

*Other courses may be added to this list with approval from the coordinator.



  • Sophomore standing and above
  • Having declared a major
  • In good academic standing

If planned well in advance of the senior year, the Minor in Management program should not add to the credits required for a bachelor’s degree at JI. A student should receive a grade of C or better for all the courses required for the minor. The Minor in Management should be declared before graduation. No credits may be used to satisfy the requirements of more than one minor. No credits may be double counted for a minor and an undergraduate research certificate. Courses required for the Minor in Management may be added/updated with approval from the coordinator.