VE/VM/MSE 490 & Other Opportunities

VE/VM/MSE 490 Undergraduate Research Course at JI


The Undergraduate Research Courses provide undergraduate students opportunities to work with individual faculty members on their research projects. The course shall allow students to engage in scientific research early during their undergraduate study, and to get prepared for their future academic careers in selected engineering fields.


3 credits Flexible Technical Elective or General Elective


  • Faculty (tenure-track and non-tenure-track) with well-established research (students, facilities, publications, etc.) may offer Undergraduate Research Courses;
  • Research topics should be proposed to and approved by the Undergraduate Research Committee;
  • A student can propose a research topic to an interested faculty member, but proposal of the course topic must come from a faculty member;
  • A student may take up to 3 Undergraduate Research Courses towards graduations; up to 6 credits can be counted in Flexible Technical Elective category;
  • The course should be graded as A to F and counted in GPA calculation;
  • A student may not earn credits for both VE/VM/MSE 490 (this course) and other undergraduate research effort (such as PRP) with the same research work;
  • An ECE majored student will be enrolled in VE490; a ME majored student will be enrolled in VM490; whereas a MSE majored student will be enrolled in MSE490.
  • A faculty member offers up to two sections of the course in a semester, and the total number of students advised by the same faculty member is capped to three;
  • Students must be Sophomore standing or up;
  • Students without going through the online VE/VM/MSE 490 application process posted on Canvas would not be considered or selected by faculty;
  • Registration in the Undergraduate Research Courses must be approved by the supervising faculty member;
  • The supervising faculty member and the students must schedule at least one meeting per week;
  • A roster from the previous two years including cases of drops and associated reasons will be distributed to all faculty when proposals are solicited;
  • This policy shall be applied to all JI students once approved.

Grading Policy

Students must complete a final research report and additional requirements per supervising faculty member’s decision. Student performance will be graded by the supervising faculty member based on the satisfaction of above requirements. A student will not receive a grade for the course until a final report is submitted.

Honors Research Program

If a student who has received a grade of “A” or above in at least one Undergraduate Research Course and has not received a grade of “B-” or below in any Undergraduate Research Course, the student will be admitted to the JI Honors Research Program. A certificate will be issued together with the diploma by graduation.

Other Opportunities

For information about other Undergraduate Research projects, please check the follow websites: