First Go Global Day was a Great Success!

On June 23rd, 2019, the first Go Global Day was held at the Longbin Building of UM-SJTU Joint Institute. Around 400 JI students and parents attended the event which showcased the current development of the JI international programs.

Professor Peisen Huang, Dean of JI, announced the opening of the event and then introduced the Global Degree Pathway (GDP) Program to the audience. The GDP program allows JI students to start a Master’s degree at a JI partner university overseas as early as in their 4th year in areas of engineering and beyond, including business, data analysis and more.

Horst Hohberger, Associate Teaching Professor of JI made an introduction of the exchange programs of the Joint Institute, followed by a session introducing JI’s unique Winter Programs by Viva Du, Manager of International Programs Office. JI’s exchange programs and winter programs are branded to provide students with rich international learning experience at worldwide locations.

In the afternoon break-out sessions, students who attended the programs in the previous years introduced their experience to the prospective JI students and led interactive discussions especially on GDP programs and exchange programs.

Throughout the day, there was also the First Go Global Fair where 16 booths were set up to present the different JI international programs in the lobby as well as on the big stairs of the Long Bin Building, including 6 for winter programs, 5 for exchange programs and 5 for GDP programs, providing the participants with an easy and fun access to the promotional brochures, application materials and souvenirs from the partner universities. The first Go Global Day ended with a home-style barbeque organized and offered by Horst.

In the future, JI plans to hold such an event twice a year, one in June and the other on in October to timely update the students and parents with the new developments of JI international programs. Please stay tuned and join us in the next Go Global Day in October, 2020.

Go Global!

International Programs Office
May 2020