Comments From the Past Participants

Timur Oberhuber

TU Delft, Netherlands – 2023’Fall Term Exchange

“I had an amazing experience in China! Not only did I meet some of the most amazing people, but I also got the opportunity to integrate into a completely different culture for 4 months. ”

Nicolas Saintoin

MINES Saint – Etienne, France – 2023’Fall Term Exchange

“I am extremely thankful to Viva and the rest of the JI team, who put a lot of effort and dedication to share Chinese culture through different events during this semester. I really enjoyed discovering China with the other exchange student. This will, for sure, be an unforgettable experience. ”

Lukas Roels

TU Delft, Netherlands – 2023’Fall Term Exchange

“Apart from studying at one of the best universities in china the past 4 months i got to experience a new beautiful culture and met amazing people from all around the planet. Thank you to everyone and especially to JI for making this an awesome experience.”

Samuel Christopher Dedio

University of Florida, US – 2023’ Summer Term Exchange

“My exchange in Shanghai far exceeded my expectations of the school, the city, and of the country itself. The kindness and helpfulness of the faculty, especially the IPO office, made quite a significant transition seamless and easy—I am fortunate to cherish the relationships I made at JI even after my semester abroad.”

Brieuc Morvan

UT Troyes, France – 2019’Fall Term Exchange

“I really enjoyed my time in China, I had a great time with the international students. Viva was a very nice person, very helpful and funny, she made my trip even better.”

Aaron Weinberg

Case Western Reserve University, US – 2019’Fall Term Exchange

“The JI has been a wonderful opportunity to study at one of the top Chinese Universities, experience a new culture and make amazing new friends from around the world.”

Jean-Eudes Cocherie

Mines Douai, France – 2017’Fall Term Exchange

“The JI has been a wonderful opportunity to study at one of the top Chinese Universities, experience a new culture and make amazing new friends from around the world.”

David Jacobsson

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden – 2017’Fall Term Exchange

“A huge and vibrant campus, interesting courses, cheap food and not to mention all the myriad of things a person can do in Shanghai. The staff at JI and the other exchange students will stay with me and I hope to be able to visit again sometime in the future.”

Hugh Davis

University of Michigan, US – 2017’Fall Term Exchange

“I had a fantastic expierience. The first few days we got to Shangai we were assigned and met with a chinese buddy which was so helpful in so many ways. That buddy was a someone to ask any question about, go on adventures with, help with translations, help show you around the school and city.”

Drake Kress

University of Maryland, US – 2015’Fall Term Exchange

“I truly enjoyed my time at the JI. I was able to practice my Chinese a little with people around the city and with Chinese students at the JI. I feel that I have learned and experienced much of Chinese culture.”

Lukas Lütke

FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany – 2015’Summer Term Exchange

“My time at Ji was one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that i would never want to miss out on in hindsight. Within just a few months I got to love China, Chinese and dumplings.”

Kate Panter

University of Michigan, US – 2015’Summer Term Exchange

“I visited Hangzhou, Nanjing, Beijing, Suzhou and Xi’an. I really, really enjoyed Beijing and Xi’an. I think that traveling around China I’ve learned not only a lot about ancient and recent Chinese culture and the Chinese people, but a lot about myself.”

Holly Johnston

University of Michigan, US – 2014’Summer Term Exchange

“I learned a lot about Chinese culture and got to practice and expand on my Chinese language skills. I loved traveling to the cities and mountains outside Shanghai. I also it was a great experience getting to know other students in JI from China.”