Frequently Asked Questions

Who can make an appointment with the writing consultants?
All JI undergraduate students can make appointments with writing consultants, or can stop by during drop-in hours.
What kind of service can I get from the Writing Center?
Writing center sessions are one-on-one or group-sessions focused on the questions and assignments the students bring to the center.
Some of the purposes of a writing center session may include

  • Understanding the assignment
  • Brainstorming ideas and generating essay or presentation topics
  • Understanding professor’s comments
  • Discussing an essay draft regarding development and logical structure
  • Discussing clarity and coherence
  • Learning how to self-edit and proofread a final draft
  • Discussing formatting according to MLA, APA, Chicago, or another style
  • Discussing identifying and integrating sources
  • Discussing proper paraphrasing and avoiding plagiarism
  • Identifying demands for writing in different disciplines
  • Editing group projects for overall coherence
  • Analyzing presentation slides and presentation organization
How can I make an appointment with a writing consultant?

To make an appointment,

Visit the JI website at

Click on Writing Center Booking:

Sign Up and choose the time that fits your schedule. You will receive an email confirmation.

How far in advance may I book an appointment?
Appointments can be made up to 24 hours in advance. To cancel, students should contact the writing consultants via emails at least the day before the date appointment.
Can I cancel their appointments?
Yes, please cancel at least 8 hours before the appointment.
Can I see any writing consultant?
Yes, you may choose from available consultants for each session, or you may choose to work with one consultant, if that is more comfortable.
Does it cost anything to meet the writing consultants?
No. The service of the Writing Center is free.
What should I bring to the appointment?
Please bring at least one printed copy of your written work, though two copies would be appreciated.
Should students send electronic copies of their essays to the tutor prior to the appointment?
No, but course topics and major concerns are welcome before an appointment.
Will the writing consultant help proofread my paper?
We will help you identify proofreading concerns and work with you to address them. However, we cannot proofread your essay on your behalf.
Will the tutoring affect my grade of the paper?
It may. No one session can guarantee a different grade. However, we will focus on improving your writing skills, and the knowledge you gain can benefit your assignment and beyond.
Can I meet with a writing consultant who is enrolled in the same course?
It depends on both you and the consultant. The writing consultant can recommend another consultant if necessary.
What happens if the session time is over, but the discussion is not?
Most sessions last up to 45 minutes. If more time is needed, the consultant will discuss options with you. Options may include extending the session if feasible, or booking a new session at a different time.