Research Services

Grant Application
The grant resources at JI includes NSFC, MOST, STCSM, SJTU, companies, international foundations. The applications of government grant and university grant are organized by the Office of Research Management of SJTU. JI Research Office will inform relevant faculty the application details by email when these grant programs are open for application, and provide application counseling and assistance.
Project Management
Managing research project successfully is critical to ensure compliance, quality and additional funding. SJTU offers a number of resources to help faculty, student and staff manage research projects. These involve aspects of grant lifecycle control with  SJTU Research Project Management System, financial post-award activities with SJTU Financial Management System, contract/agreement administration, procurement, property management etc.
Research Outcome
Research outcome presents in the forms of papers, monographs, patents, awards and other forms. The management of research outcome includes the data collection and analysis of papers, intellectual property application, awards application and technology transfer.

Publish papers: Using standard affiliation name of JI for publication as “University of Michigan – Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University”, and acknowledging the source of funding support leading to publications.

Intellectual property: The SJTU Intellectual Property Information System contains a wide information of intellectual property applications, policies and training courses.