The mission of the Joint Institute Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT-JI) is to promote and ensure teaching excellence in the Joint Institute (JI).


CLT TA Training Programs


The administration team of the CLT TA Training Program consists of a Coordinator, two Chief TA Mentors, and several other TA Mentors. TA Mentors are JI or SJTU students (both undergraduate and graduate students). CLT TA mentors are responsible for providing training and support to TAs. TA mentors’ job responsibilities include updating TA handbook, organizing TA training workshops, dealing with student complaints, etc.





Chief TA Mentor


Wang Runxi Email:
I am an ECE senior student and also an incoming PhD candidate student in JI. I joined CLT in 2020. I really enjoy helping TAs deal with their confusions on work and holding TA related activities to make TA a more meaningful work.
 Job responsibility: Canvas, Feishu, Basic Training


Fan Weihan Email:
I am currently a PhD student in JI, and I graduated from JI as an undergraduate in 2021. I enjoy being a TA mentor, because I can have a lot of opportunities to teach others the skills I’ve already mastered. This position is really meaningful, both for me and for our institute.
Job responsibility:  Lab Safety and Lab Consultant, Advanced Trainings


TA Mentors


Gong Chun Email:
I’m a Ph’D student major in Power Engineering and Thermal Engineering Thermo Physics. I was an undergraduate studentof JI and during these years, I worked as a TA for many courses. CLT provides me an opportunity to work with experienced TA mentors and to help students from another angle.
Job responsibility: Grading, RC workshop


Zhang Yifei Email:
I’m a senior student majoring in ECE, and also a 1st year student in UM for my master’s degree. CLT has provided me with more opportunities to work with TAs, as well as many opportunities to learn and present. I cherish my experience at CLT.
Job responsibility: Grading, CLT website


Wu You Email:
I’m a senior student pursuing a master’s degree at UM. During my serve, I’ve learned many things about teaching assistant training and supervision. CLT is a family to me.
Job responsibility: Canvas, RC and OH


Park Seonmin Email:
I am a junior in JI Double Degree Program majoring in mechanical and aerospace engineering. Every learning and teaching service JI CLT offers supports teaching assistants to demonstrate confidence, enthusiasm in learning and sharing, and outstanding teamwork while fulfilling their duties. I am honored to serve as a TA mentor and contribute to enhancing the quality of learning and teaching environment for all students and faculty members at the Joint Institute.
Job responsibility: TASC


Yang Seungyeon Email:
I’m an international student from Korea, and currently a junior majoring in ECE. For the previous semesters, I enjoyed being a TA a lot. By participating in this meaningful group CLT, I wish to learn more from other TAs, while providing more support for our TA community.
Job responsibility: Orientation (Introduction and experience sharing), Canvas


Ni Yinchen Email:
I am a junior ECE student and have been a TA for multiple courses over the past two years. I enjoy sharing knowledge and inspiring others to learn. CLT helps me gain more insights into the TA job and provides me a platform to share my experience and pass on the torch..
Job responsibility: Grading, TA training results analyses


Ji Nuocheng Email:
I am an ECE student in JI. I am passionate about sharing my experience and empathizing with other people. Being a TA mentor provides me with such an opportunity and honor to contribute to JI and realize my value.
Job responsibility: Feishu Usage, TA Orientation Organization







2023 Summer TA Orientation Conference and TA Training Workshops held successfully.


2023 Annual Teaching Assistant Award


TA Orientation Conference

The TA Orientation Conference is held on the first Wednesday of each semester. New TAs will get familiar with their job responsibilities and TA training requirements of CLT-JI (Center for Learning and Teaching in the Joint Institute).

TA Training Workshops

CLT-JI offers teaching assistants a training program composed of various workshops to help new TAs get familiar with their job duties. These workshops are categorized into two types: Basic TA Training Workshops and Advanced TA Training Workshops.

Basic TA Workshops

All new TAs are required to take the following four Basic Training Workshops. These workshops aim to help new TAs shift their roles from undergraduate students to TAs. New TAs can also acquire some necessary teaching skills from the following workshops.

Practical Guide for Using Canvas
A demonstration-based workshop showing students how to use various functions of Canvas, such as creating announcements, assignments, quizzes, etc. New TAs will get familiar with using Canvas after completing two practical tasks.

Grading Issues
Provide some examples in grading. New TAs will learn to grade students’ assignments, papers, essays, exams fairly and consistently.

Lab Safety & Teaching in Labs
Provide guidelines and tips on teaching lab sessions. With special emphasis on lab safety.

Guide for Exam Supervision
Introduce general rules for proctors before/during/after an exam. New TAs will learn how to supervise an exam professionally.

Advanced Training Workshops

The Advanced Training Workshops are designed for TAs who have interests in advancing their teaching abilities.

Teaching Strategies
Active Learning (presentations given by TA mentor, and possibly by faculty members who have won teaching awards).

Case Study
Discuss some typical cases that TAs might encounter in their job.

Practice Teaching
A practice before TAs take a teaching exam. TAs demonstrate part of his/her recitation class. Students, TA mentors, and faculty members will give suggestions and comments on TA’s performance so that he/she can make improvements.

Teaching Exam
Teaching Exam with rigorous evaluation from students, TA mentors, and faculty members.  Each TA will need to give a recitation class for about 10 minutes to demonstrate their teaching abilities.

Teaching Assistant Supervision

All TAs in the Joint Institute are under supervision from their faculty supervisors, the students and the Teaching Assistant Supervision Committee (TASC).

Teaching Assistant Supervision Committee (

Students can write complaints, report issues regarding their TA’s misconduct of job and propose suggestions to the TASC. TASC is entitled to forward students’ complaints and suggestions to the relevant TA and his or her faculty supervisor. If the case involves violation of ethics and professionalism, the case will be reviewed by TASC and TASC has the power to give punishments to the relevant TAs. If the case involves possible Honor Code violation, TASC will forward the case to the Honor Council of the Joint Institute.


All TAs succeed in attending and passing the TA Orientation Conference and all four Basic Training Workshops and get “Satisfactory” or above in job evaluation from their instructors will be granted Basic TA Certificates.

TAs completing all three Advanced TA Workshops, succeed in passing on-site evaluation and fulfilling the requirements of Basic TA Certificates will be granted Advanced TA Certificates.


Every year CLT-JI will award those top TAs based on the evaluation from their instructors and students. Those who excel in teaching will have a chance to be recognized and awarded with “Outstanding Teaching Assistant” (5 each year), “Excellent Teaching Assistant” (10 each year), and “Outstanding Teaching Assistant Group” (2 each year). Oftentimes, the awarding ceremony is held in the Summer Semester every year.