The CGAE develops and coordinates ethics education within the UM-SJTU JI and across SJTU, addressing micro- and macro-ethical topics such as

• Academic and research integrity
• Human-technology interactions
• Professionalism in engineering and business
• Social media’s ethical implications/consequences
• Socio-cultural dimensions of risk
• Accurate data representation
• Racial and gender equality
• Global warming and development
• Understanding/addressing implicit prejudices
• Voluntarism and aid
• Software licensing
• Whistleblowing
• Ethics in artificial intelligence
• Ethics and photography
• Ethics in journalism

This occurs through standalone course and integrated modules in the humanities, engineering, and the social sciences

• Posthumanism (VY100 - Academic Writing I)
• Introduction to Engineering (VG100 - Introduction to Engineering)
• The Anthropocene and the Environment (VY200 - Academic Writing II)
• Asian American literature (VY200 - Academic Writing II)
• Thermodynamics (VM235 - Thermodynamics I)
• Introduction to Chinese Philosophy (VR265 - Culture,Technology and Silicon Valley)
• The Otherworlds of Fantasy (VR291 - The Otherworlds of Fantasy)
• Technical Communication (VE300 - Technical Communication for Electrical and Computer Engineering)
• Art of the Essay (Vy325)
• Philosophical Ethics (Vr361)
• Literature and the Environment (VR364 - Literature and the Environment)
• Psychological Studies of Media (JC28001)
• Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (VE492 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence)
• Global Engineering Ethics (VG496 - Professional Ethics)

The CGAE has developed a website to host educational materials on global engineering ethics and conduct research on cross-cultural moral psychology.