Minor in Industrial AI

 JI offers a minor in Industrial Artificial Intelligence which is designed for JI engineering students to have a concentrated study in fundamentals and modern techniques in artificial intelligence areas that are applicable to various industries. The minor shall provide knowledge and skills complementing the students’ majors and better prepare them for graduate studies and job market. A minimum of 16 credits of courses are required for this minor, including:


• VV214/417 Linear Algebra or VV286 Honors Mathematics IV
• VV215/255/285 Calculus III
• VE281 Data Structures and Algorithms
• VE401 Probabilistic Methods in Engineering

Core (required) Course (12 credits)

• VM250 Design and Manufacturing I (4, prereq: VG101 & VV116/156/186 & VM020)
• VE445 Introduction to Machine Learning (4, prereq: VE281 & VV214/417)
• VE492 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (4, prereq: VE281)

Practicum Elective Courses (at least 1 credit)

• Internship in relevant companies (TBD, subject to case by case approval)
• Project oriented courses in related areas (Capstone projects, MDE courses, etc.)

Elective Courses (at least 3 credits)

• VE406 Applied Regression Analysis using R (4, VE401)
• VM466 Statistical Quality Control (3, prereq: VE401)
• VM467 Introduction to Robotics (3, prereq: VM240 or VE216)
• VE472 Methods and Tools for Big Data (3, prereq: VE406 & VE482)
• VE477 Introduction to Algorithms (4, prereq: VE281)
• VM481 Manufacturing Processes (3, prereq: VM382  VM211)
• VM482 Machining Processes (3, prereq: VM382  VM211)
• VM485 Optimization in Machine Learning (3, VV214/417)
• VM555 Engineering Optimization (3, prereq: VV215/255/285 & VV214/417)
• VE556 Image Processing (3, prereq: VE401 & VE451)
• VE593 Problem Solving with AI Techniques (3, prereq: VE281, VE203, VV216/256/286)
• Pattern Recognition
• Machine Vision


• Having declared a major
• In good academic standing

This minor may add some credits to the credits required for a bachelor’s degree at JI. A student should receive a grade of C or better for all the courses required for the minor. The Minor in Industrial AI should be declared before graduation. Transfer credits are acceptable for the Elective courses. No credits may be used to satisfy the requirements of more than one minor. No credits may be double counted for a minor and an undergraduate research certificate.