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Welcome Home, JI Alumni

The first homecoming for JI alumni took place on August 10. Dean Jun Ni, Scott Yang, Academic Affairs Manager, Professors Mian Li, Lipo Wang, Jason Daida, and Qiang Zhang met with 50 JI alumni that have graduated since 2006.

Be an Alumni Mentor

We inviter alumni from all over the world to be part of this Mentor Program. As an alumni mentor, you will help student(s) prepare for a successful future and leave a lasting impact on our campus community. You can join by:

1. Partner Program

This program brings alumni and students together by matching their major, interests, and future plans. The mentors and mentees connect on a regular basis for academic guidance, career advice, personal development and more.

2. Lecture Series

This program provides opportunities for alumni to advise students on a larger scale, by giving lectures and seminars, sharing experience, and bringing inspirations.

Be an Alumni Volunteer

Wherever you are all over the world, there are many opportunities to volunteer with your alma mater and play an active role in JI community.

Members of Alumni Association Team
The alumni association team is responsible for running the Wechat platform, maintaining alumni database and connecting alumni from different chapters.
Contact Person for Alumni Chapters
There are various alumni chapters categorized by class, region, industry, interest etc. The contact person for each chapter is vital in facilitating communications, organizing events.
Participants for Alumni Events
Alumni Events are happening in different areas with various topics for promoting JI alumni community. You are welcomed to be an organizer or a participant to any of the events
Admission Ambassadors
Alumni are welcomed to play the role of admission ambassadors to recommend JI to high school students, share personal experience and provide advice for prospective students.
Career Connections
Post internships and jobs opportunities to students and graduates, recommend resources and funding from corporates and society.
Other Voluntary Ways
Any other voluntary ways not mentioned here to support JI are warmly welcomed.

UM-SJTU Joint Institute Alumni Association

Name: UM-SJTU Joint Institute Alumni Association,abbreviation for JIAA.
Established in: April 2016, the 10th anniversary of JI’s establishment

UM-SJTU Joint Institute Alumni Association(JIAA) is a voluntary association organized by JI alumni. It is a non-profit organization that accepts guidance and supervision from Shanghai Jiao Tong University Alumni Association. Any student, faculty or staff member who has studied or worked at JI and supports the articles of JIAA can be a member. The purpose of JIAA is to nurtures lifelong relationships among current and future JI alumni, and to promote the long-term development of the JI.

The design of JIAA emblem is inspired by the shape of earth, and illustrated by the characters “JIAA”, presented in the same color derived from JI logo. It implies that JI alumni are scattered all over the world with the goal to benefit the world. (Designed by Zhijian Hao, Class of 2014 )

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Room 316, Office of Student Affairs ,
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 800 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai
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Room 445, Institutional Advancement Office,
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