Heterogeneous Integration and Photonic Crystal Cavity Lasers Towards Short Range Optical Interconnects

Date: 2024/03/20 - 2024/03/20

Academic Seminar: Heterogeneous Integration and Photonic Crystal Cavity Lasers Towards Short Range Optical Interconnects

Speaker: Chaoyuan Jin, Professor, Chu Kochen Honors College, Zhejiang University

Time: 10:00 a.m., March 20, 2024 (Beijing Time)

Location: Room 403, JI Long Bin Building


With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and the general trend towards merging electronics and photonics, inter-chip and on-chip interconnects with high bandwidth and low-power consumption have become the direction in focus for integrated photonics. High performance heterogeneous integration on silicon and miniaturized light sources for dense integration are particularly important for realizing inter-chip optical interconnects. In recent work, we have developed metallically bonded DFB lasers on silicon to achieve high coupling efficiency and single-mode output power above 10mW in silicon waveguides. On microcavity lasers, we have effectively achieved the mode manipulation of photonic crystal lasers with side mode suppression ratios exceeding 40dB and a single mode tunable range beyond 10nm. Beyond heterogeneous integration, we have also invited a novel architecture for optical neuron networks based on multiplexed neuron sets (MNS), which employs semiconductor optical amplifiers for multi-channel nonlinear activation and would reduce the power consumption of future optical computational systems.


Prof. Chaoyuan has been working on the research areas of semiconductor integrated optoelectronics and quantum photonics, covering topics such as high-speed lasers, single photon sources, all-optical modulators, microwave photonic devices, etc. He has published more than 70 research papers in research journals such as Nature Nanotechnology, Intelligent Computing, APL, IEEE, OE, OL, etc. The ultrafast control of spontaneous emission processes in semiconductors has been selected for the annual progress of the American Optical Society and featured as the cover of the special issue. He has been awarded honorary titles such as 1000 Talents for Young Researchers, Bridge Fellow of JSPS, and Special Expert of Zhejiang Province.