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Nano Energy Laboratory



    The Nano Energy Lab is part of thermal science and heat transfer area and focuses on the energy transport and conversion at nanoscale. In our lab, we are developing fundamental understanding and innovative approaches to solve the sustainable energy and energy efficiency problems, which are among the greatest challenges of our society.

    The energy transport research includes two parts: heat conduction and thermal radiation (nanophotonics). The heat conduction research focuses on multiscale material design to achieve low or high thermal conductivity. The most challenging task is to develop an understanding of heat conduction in low dimensional structures and across material interfaces/boundaries. Such research is very important to thermal management in microelectronics and solid state cooling devices. The thermal radiation research tries to utilize atomic or microscopic structural design is to achieve spectral and directional emission property. This is useful for energy management in solar cells, thermophotovoltaics, radiative cooling coating, and aerospace applications. In the energy conversion research, we explore the possibility to manipulate the transport and interaction between energy carriers, i.e., phonons, photons, and electrons to achieve high energy conversion efficiency and reduce heat generation.

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