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Fracture, Advanced Mechanics & Structure (FAMS) Laboratory



    The research topic of the Fracture, Advanced Mechanics & Structure (FAMS) Laboratory focuses on the fracture behaviors of modern brittle amorphous/single crystal materials. We try to understand the analytical and experimental crack propagation in different shapes and crack velocities in associated with the analysis of the telltale surface features on the fracture surface examined by fractography. The material of interest includes modern glasses, single crystal silicon/gallium arsenide wafers, chemically strengthened glasses, glassy polymers, ceramics, etc. We are also interested in combing the latest computer technology (computer vision, CV) into multi-scale fracture surface analysis and developing automatic strength estimate or fracture feature detecting algorithms. Other relevant research topics of the FAMS lab include biomimetics (fog harvesting), novel sensors and transducers, etc.
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    Fracture, Advanced Mechanics & Structure (FAMS) Laboratory.