Conversation on the 3rd Universal Dynamical Framework in Modern Science and Technology: Evolution Mechanics

Date: 2023/12/01 - 2023/12/01

Academic Seminar: Conversation on the 3rd Universal Dynamical Framework in Modern Science and Technology: Evolution Mechanics

Speaker: Ping Ao, Professor, Colloge of Biomedical Engineering, Sichuan University 

Time: 10:00 - 11:30, December 1, 2023 (Beijing Time)

Location: CIMC Auditorium (Room 300), JI Long Bin Building


The evolutionary dynamics first conceived by Darwin and Wallace, Darwinian dynamics for short, has been found to be universally valid in biology. Statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, while enormous successful in physics, have been in an awkward situation of wanting a consistent dynamical foundation. During my talk I will explain the connection between thermodynamics and Darwinian dynamics and a few related topics, particularly the experimental tests. The enabling tool is a new math structure for stochastic processes discovered in this century, which will be explained. I will show that the stochasticity in Darwinian dynamics implies the existence temperature, hence the canonical distribution of Boltzmann–Gibbs type. In term of relative entropy the Second Law of thermodynamics is dynamically manifested without detailed balance condition, and is valid regardless of size of the system. Two types of stochastic dynamical equalities of current interest are explicitly discussed in the present approach: One is based on Feynman–Kac formula and another is a generalization of Einstein relation. Both are directly accessible to experimental tests. I will reason that Darwinian dynamics provides a unified stochastic dynamical framework both near and far from equilibrium.  A few new predictions have been generated by the 3rd universal dynamics.


Prof. Ping Ao graduated from Department of Physics, Peking University, Beijing, China in 1983. Same year he came to USA for graduate study via a China-United States Physics Examination and Application Program (CUSPEA) initiated by Nobel laureate Prof. TD Lee. Supervised by Prof. AJ Leggett (2003 Nobel laureate in physics) Ping Ao obtained his PhD degree in physics in 1990, working on the quantum measurement problem and the macroscopic quantum effect, at University of Illinoise at Urbana-Champaign. He did his postdoctoral associate research with Prof. DJ Thouless(2016 Nobel laureate in physics) on topological physics and dynamics of topological singularity. After than he took a teaching position at Department of Theoretical Physics at Umeå University, Sweden, working on vortex dynamics, Bose-Einstein condensation and other condensed matter and statistical physics topics. In 1999 he switched his research interest to systems biology, and moved to Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle, USA.  In 2008 he moved back to China as a Changjiang Chair Professor, to Shanghai Center of Systems Biomedicine at Shanghai Jiaotong University, continuing his effort on cancer research and on the quantification of Darwin’s evolutionary dynamics. In 2016 he moved to Shanghai University trying to establish a quantitative life science research center. In 2023 he moved to Sichuan University, to better his ability on cancer research and other related topics in systems biology. Along his effort in biology, he discovered the general framework of the 3rd universal mechanics.