On October 9, a ‘Mad Lab’ event jointly organized by IdeaWorks Imagination Factory Club, Black Apple Youth, and Teng Shuo Technology was successfully held in Shanghai Jiao Tong University.  Nearly 200 SJTU students, including many JI students, gathered on the first floor of the School of Software Engineering. With the main theme as “Future Life in Progress: Imagining Three Major Trends in Technology, ” the event aims to exhibit the forefront applications of science and technology,  develop young people’s enthusiasm in science and technology, change the public’s stereotype of science as boring , and let more college students experience the charm of innovation and creativity.


Prof. Xu Kai shared his ideas about how medical robots would transform human life in the future.

The most eye-catching activities were the tech-topic lectures given by two VIPs: Professor Xu Kai, JI’s medical robotics designer, and Professor Jin Yaohui, environmental monitoring project designer and Director of SJTU Network Information Center. Student participants include JI’s Virtual Reality Bicycle Game design team, Virtual Keyboard design team, Zhou Yi, designer of Get & Put which won the third place in the Imagine Cup world finals, Lucio, designer of a 3-D printer, and Berni, designer of an open-source air purifier. The rich program covered a wide spectrum of areas inside and outside of SJTU, providing a feast of science and technology for the students.


Demonstration of the Virtual Reality Bicycle Game

Virtual Reality Bicycle Game, the winner of last summer’s Vg 100 projects for its popularity and design attracted a lot of attention. The team members developed a low-cost bike that combines exercise with gaming which is versatile with broad applications.

Get & Put, designed by Zhou Yi and her team from the School of Media Design, which can grab the information from a screen and transmit it directly to another screen, was also a show stealer.


Prof. Jin Yaohui talked about how to use large data to monitor environment.

Professor Jin Yaohui from the Network Information Center proposed using large volume of data through mobile phone, vehicle/airplane onboard software, and other equipment to achieve universal environmental monitoring. To call on the students to participate in the activity, he demonstrated an example of portable environmental monitoring device.

 The Mad Lab activities, by allowing students to experience various fun projects first hand, have ignited students’ passion for science and technology.  JI’s Vg 100 course, with its successful results, was again recognized by the SJTU community.

Background information:
‘Mad Lab’ project is a nonprofit campus seminar series sponsored by Black Apple Youth and Teng Shuo Technology, which aims to let students experience science and technology through interesting lectures, interactive experiments, and tech demonstrations.
IdeaWorks Imagination Factory Club is organized by a group of young people who are passionate about exploring science and technology, disseminating new ideas, and promoting hands-on activities. It is the only SJTU club that was authorized by TED and has produced two TEDxSJTU lectures.