The University Physics Competition (UPC) is an international contest for undergraduate students who work in teams of up to three students at their home universities all over the world. It is officially sponsored by the American Physical Society and American Astronomical Society. In the 5th edition of the contest, the students spent 48 hours during a busy period of their midterm exams in November 2014, analyzing open-ended real-world scenarios and writing up a formal solution paper.

The University of Michigan- Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (UM-SJTU JI) students, supervised by JI’s physics lecturer Dr. Mateusz Krzyzosiak, have been regularly participating in the contest since 2012. With increasing number of participating teams, the event has become more and more competitive. The 5th University Physics Competition concluded with 131 teams submitting their papers for judging, among which 93 teams selected “Problem A – Circumbinary Planets” and 38 teams selected “Problem B – A Water Fountain.”

This year, JI teams again performed very well, winning the following honors
Silver Medal
* Liang Shucheng, Jiang Weifu, Dong Yingda (problem B)
Bronze Medal
* Shen Yisong, Yuan Zhihao, Liu Yutong (problem A)
Accomplished Competitor
* Yu Guangting, Gao Junlong, Zhu Chengcheng (problem A)
The official results of the 2014 UPC can be found at