On July 27, 2012, a specialist group consisting of leaders of China’s higher education and officers of the Ministry of Education visited JI, including Junjing Lin , former Vice President of Peiking University, Dayong Li, President of Harbin University, Xiaohong Liu, Vice President of East China University of Political Science, Mengquan Lin, Assessment Director of Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center,Ministry of Education, Jun Han, Director of General Office, Higher Education Division of Ministry of Education, Fengyu Zhang, Director of Policy Planning Office, International Exchange and Cooperation Division, Zhaohui Xi, Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Division of Harbin University of Science and Technology, leaders of Shanghai Education Committee and Minhang Government, and Zheng Huang, Vice President of SJTU. JI’s Peisen Huang and Wansheng Zhao, Associate Deans, and Pam Byrnes, Executive Director, attended the meeting.


Associate Dean Peisen Huang welcomed the visitors. He gave an introduction of the JI, including the history, characteristics, and management. He described the high-caliber faculty, innovative curriculum, successful dual-degree program, and the graduates’ excellent placement record. He summarized JI’s accomplishments in six years, the challenges, and future developments.

The attending specialists were impressed by JI’s achievements and asked a lot of questions.