The commencement of UM-SJTU JI’s class of 2013 was held at the Minhang Campus on August 8. Despite the sweltering weather, graduates, faculty members, VIPs, and JI leaders, including Dean Jun Ni, Prof. Peisen Huang, Executive Dean, Prof. Xinwan Li, Associate Dean for Research, and Dr. Gang Zheng, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, donned caps and gowns to attend the milestone event. Proud parents holding
flowers and cameras packed the auditorium.

Dean Ni congratulated the graduates, “Four years ago, you entered JI as top students. With hard work and perseverance, today you have completed the rigorous program. I am very proud of you.“ He thanked the parents and teachers for their contributions. He pointed out the world is facing a multitude of problems that need to be solved by aspiring global leaders such as JI graduates, who are expected to serve the human beings with their knowledge and wisdom in all walks of life. Dean Ni encouraged the graduates to keep their eyes on the stars and feet on the ground and strive for success.

Dr. Hua Ping, the Chief Operating Officer of Softbank China Venture Capital, was invited to deliver the commencement speech. As a SJTU alumnus, he looked back at his SJTU experience more than 30 years ago. He encouraged the graduates to care about the world, to be bold in thinking and brave in action, to explore and experiment while being young. He quoted Steve Jobs’ “Do what you like to do” and believed that passion and interest would lead to success. Dr. Hua remarked that JI’s international education has given her graduates a competitive edge in today’s global environment, therefore the graduates should keep an open mind and continue to learn and make progress.

Yuzhou Wang, the valedictorian who is Harvard bound for graduate study, thanked the parents profusely and expressed heartfelt gratitude to the faculty. He said, “JI education is very important for us. I have learned more than I could have imagined during the four years. The very powerful tool of ”Engineering Thinking” not only teaches me how to think and solve problems but also enables me to assume more responsibilities and dare to dream. Graduation is not the terminal but the beginning of a new journey and unlimited potential.”

Ms. Qing Xu, representative of the parents, recounted the progress and achievement of her child during the 4 years, of which she is extremely proud. She also expressed her deep gratitude to all faculty and staff. She pointed out the amazing transformation of the students during JI bears testimony to their right choices 4 years before. Ms. Xu encouraged the graduates to keep in mind SJTU’s motto of  “Gratitude and Responsibilities” and remember “Once a JI member, always a JI member.” She hopes one day JI will take pride in her graduates.


Under the witness of all parents and faculty, 2013 JI graduates received their hard-earned diplomas and learning certificates from Dean Ni and Associate Dean Li. The class presented to JI a present that will keep track of all graduates’ future moves. It was a moment of rejoicing and celebration, with smiles and embraces.