On November 8th, JI welcomed a group of special visitors who are closely connected with the UM-SJTU Joint Institute. More than 20 alumni of the University of Michigan, ranging from Class 1986 to 2014, were excited to come ‘home’ and enjoyed talking with the faculty and students.
For many UM alumni, this is their first encounter with the Joint Institutes which is a partnership between their alma mater and SJTU. They were curious and tried to understand JI’s connection with the University of Michigan. And the spirit of ‘Go Blue’ was running strong.
Since founded in 2006, the Joint Institute has developed successfully into an international institute on China’s soil through close collaboration with the UM. Within a short time, JI has achieved extraordinary results and international reputation.
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The visiting alumni graduated from UM’s different schools and programs, such as JI-UM dual degree program. They are actively engaged in different walks of life in Shanghai, including as JI staff. During the exchange, the alumni were enthusiastic about establishing an UM Alumni Association in Shanghai. They were interested in connecting the alumni and promoting the influence of the alumni association. They are willing to contribute to the development of JI.
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The Joint Institute assumes the important mission of improving the collaboration between UM and China and is responsible for cultivating UM-style talents in China. For UM alumni, JI is like UM’s campus in China, and they are drawn to the JI family by this UM connection.