Student Comment – Yang Gao

I am a student from Professor Li’s BU013, VX251 and VX351 series. Although I am an engineering student, I have always been interested in business. In the spring semester of my sophomore year, I was lucky enough to get BU013 (Brand Aesthetics and Management — F1 Sportscar and French Red Wine), and since then, I followed Professor Li to explore brand management.

In BU013, apart from the basic theoretical knowledge, I think the most important feature of this course is that students can have the opportunities to experience the content covered in class in person. In 2019, it will be the 1000th F1 race held in Shanghai. Professor Li provided opportunities for students who want to witness F1 cars galloping on the track, experience the culture of F1 racing brand and feel the racing spirit of F1. In addition, When Professor Li talked about brand knowledge of red wine in the course, he also brought various brands of red wine for students to taste. I do love this kind of course, because there are some things that words cannot express, such as the taste of red wine. No matter how many words are used to describe it, it is not as impressive as tasting one sip. By the end of the semester, I had a deeper understanding of the concept of brand and maintained a high enthusiasm on VX251/351(Brand Management series) provided by Professor Li. I am very grateful to the Joint Institute and Professor Li for providing a platform for interdisciplinary education, so that students can not only focus on engineering, but also have access to a more diversified world.

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Due to the sudden outbreak of the epidemic this year, the courses in spring semester could not be taught offline as usual. Teachers of the Joint Institute actively arranged the online teaching platform, and many courses including VX251 were taught online. During the online teaching, Professor. Li actively arouses the classroom atmosphere, makes the students discuss actively, and makes the online teaching atmosphere as good as the offline teaching atmosphere. In class, students often have to do group presentations, and Professor. Li gives improvement Suggestions based on the situation of each group, so that in the final, each group can show the best performance online.

In and out of the classroom, Professor Li is a teacher, also a friend. In class, Professor Li uses his flexible teaching to help students understand brand knowledge and feel brand culture to the greatest extent. Outside class, Professor Li is also a very good friend. In BU013, he knew that some students wanted to witness F1 race but the transportation was not convenient, so he took some students along. On the way to Shanghai Circuit, the atmosphere inside the car was very active. The students and Mr. Li Shared their lives and talked about their future plans with each other, which was very harmonious.

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