Course Feelings

Yiqi Sun:

Through VX351 course, I have had the chance to learn about the professional knowledge about brand and brand communications, as well as how each brand manifests and what are the key focuses in this topic. Meanwhile, I was able to put what I have learnt into practice, such as creating a brand of my own and promote it, or identifying and classifying the electrical car brands nowadays and their brand communication practices. We were also able to have some extra-curricular events, such as wine tasting, which provided me with a more straight-forward experience with brand communication. I benefited a lot from all the related experiences.

Fan Chen:

 I took BU013 of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and VX351 of JI by Professor Li Jie.  The two courses focused on brand management from the perspective of sports cars and wine, as well as advanced brand management aspects.  Detailed speaking, the course started with the combination of static and dynamic representational things: sports cars and wine to abstract the knowledge of brand management. Then, with solid foundation laid in BU013 and from specific cases about abstract brand building, methods of communication, we were able to try to use abstract means to solve the problems specifically and compare brands of NEVs multidimensionally.  The course was well-organized and the teaching was clear and easy to understand. Professor Li Jie was also good at giving inspirations and guiding us to constantly improve and improve in the process of presenting again and again.

Chenyu Xia:

VX351, Advanced Brand Management is a very rich course. Compared with VX251, which focuses on “products”, the content of this course is designed to go deeper into the core of branding, including brand communication, brand equity and so on. In addition to the knowledge, we get to try and build our own brand by ourselves, and also conducted some in-depth research on the electric vehicle industry. These two experiences have undoubtedly deepened my understanding of branding, and also allowed me to get a solid understanding of the current status of the electric vehicle market. In addition, I have to mention the wine tasting session organized by Professor Li: The teacher who has the most experience in both wine brewing and tasting, from the School of Agriculture and Biotechnology of Jiao Tong University, has brought us several domestic wines; and as a wine enthusiast, I did learn a lot of interesting knowledge in this wine tasting session.

Caiwu Chen:

 With solid foundation laid in VX251 (Branding and Brand Management), VX351 (Advanced Branding and Brand Management) is more focused on practice. Throughout the course, I have improved my ability on summarizing various sources and expressing myself at presentations. Meanwhile, I have grown a deep understanding on Chinese electric vehicle (EV) market by search and communication with classmates since the course takes EV as the main example. With the help of professor Li I have also enhanced the capacity to analyze specific brand and industry.