Using Positive Psychology to Support Covid-19 Pandemic Responses

Date: 2020/07/15 - 2020/07/15

Academic Seminar: Using Positive Psychology to Support Covid-19 Pandemic Responses

Speaker: Kaiping Peng, Tsinghua University

Time: 2-4 pm, July15th, 2020 (Wednesday)

Zoom ID:67655941323, password: 3265


The COVID-19 pandemic represents a massive, global health crisis. Because the crisis requires large-scale behavior change and poses significant psychological burdens on individuals, insights from the positive psychology are critical for optimizing pandemic response. Here I will review a few ongoing researches relevant to different dimensions of pandemic response. I will also report significant psychological assistant work conducted by Chinese psychologists to help medical professionals and people in need to copying with stress that is relevant to pandemics. At end, I will suggest a few tips to improve mood and well-being that is useful to everybody.


Professor Kaiping Peng is professor of psychology and the dean of the school of social sciences at Tsinghua University. He is the founder of the psychology department of Tsinghua University, the Happiness Technology Lab, and the Chinese Association of Positive Psychology. He received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1997,then joined the faculty of the psychology department of University of California at Berkeley. He has published 12 books and more than 400 articles and essays on cultural, social and positive psychology. He had been the world most cited social psychologist at the associate professor level in 2007. He has won the titles of top ten best teachers of China in 2015, the person of the year in health professions in 2016 and the most cited Chinese psychologists in the world since 2015.