Applications of Structural Health Monitoring in Railway Engineering and Beyond: Sensors, Systems and Data-Driven Condition Assessment

Date: 2022/05/24 - 2022/05/24

Academic Seminar: Applications of Structural Health Monitoring in Railway Engineering and Beyond: Sensors, Systems and Data-Driven Condition Assessment

Speaker: Dr. Lu Zhou, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Time: 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m., May 24th, 2022 (Beijing Time)

Location: via Feishu


Non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques have been explored and extensively utilized to help maintaining safety operation and improving ride comfort of the rail system. As an ascension of NDT techniques, the structural health monitoring (SHM) enables real-time condition assessment for mechanical civil, and transportation systems, without interrupting normal operation. Meanwhile, with long-term monitoring data collected from large systems in open environment, interpretating the large amount of data accompanied with great uncertainties and sophisticated data structure calls for advanced data-driven analysis methods to obtain comprehensive and systematic diagnosis. This presentation starts with introduction on SHM applications cases conducted by the speaker and research team in various scenarios, particularly railway systems, by using a federation non-destructive sensing techniques including vibration-based measurements, ultrasonic testing, electromechanical impedance, optic fiber sensing, etc., and developing corresponding sensor arrays/networks and monitoring systems upon them, followed by recent studies on computer-aided SHM integrating state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and outlooks on future work aiming at establishing intelligent monitoring platform for other large scale systems involving interdisciplinary research and technology development.


Dr. Zhou received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Honor School in Harbin Institute of Technology in 2010 and obtained his Ph.D. degree from department of mechanical engineering in the University of Sheffield, UK in 2015. He joined the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) in 2017 as a postdoc and has been serving as a research assistant professor in Hong Kong Branch of National Transit Electrification and Automation Engineering Technology Research Center in PolyU from 2019 to 2022. Dr. Zhou’s main research interest covers structural health monitoring, nondestructive evaluation, ultrasonic testing, tribology, railway engineering and sensor development with 15 SCI journals, more than 20 international conferences, and 2 book chapters. He served as session chair in several international conferences and has participated in multiple funding projects in PolyU, Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland in the role of principle investigator or co-investigator.