Role of lattice dynamics in the ionic conductivity of ceramic proton conductors

Date: 2023/02/17 - 2023/02/17

Dissertation Title: Role of lattice dynamics in the ionic conductivity of ceramic proton conductors

Speaker: Peng Du, Ph.D. candidate at UM-SJTU Joint Institute

Time: 13:30, Februray 17th, 2023 ( Beijing Time)

Location: Room 503, Longbin Building


Perovskite-type metal oxides, such as Y-doped BaMO3 (M = Zr/Ce), have attracted considerable attention as proton-conducting electrolytes for intermediate-temperature proton ceramic fuel cells. Improving proton conductivity at lower temperatures is an ongoing quest for the commercialization of proton ceramic fuel cells. Modulating the lattice dynamics is considered an emerging strategy for the design of new ionic conductors with enhanced conductivity and stability. However, it is hard to identify the specific phonon modes that control the ion transport. This thesis aims at providing a comprehensive understanding on the effects of specific phonons on proton conductivity on the microscopic and macroscopic scale, and then proposes effective strategies to tune the proton conductivity based on lattice dynamics within the framework of Meyer-Neldel Rule. The experimental results and the proposed design principle will accelerate the development of new proton ionic conductors with high conductivity at low and intermediate temperatures.


Peng Du received his B.S. degree from Zhengzhou University in 2017. Now, he is a Ph.D. candidate student at the UM-SJTU Joint Institute, supervised by Prof. Qianli Chen. His current research focuses on how lattice dynamics affect ionic conductivity of ceramic proton conductors.