Dissertation Title: Turbulent spray combustion modeling in reduced tabulation parameter space

Date: 2024/05/16

Dissertation Title: Turbulent spray combustion modeling in reduced tabulation parameter space

Speaker: Qun Hu

Time: 14:00, May 16, 2024(Beijing Time)

Location: 414B, Longbin Building


Liquid fuels are widely used in industrial systems for energy utilization through turbulent spray combustion. However, high-fidelity modeling of turbulent spray combustion is notoriously challenging because of its inherent complexities. This study aims to develop a novel spray flamelet model within a reduced tabulation parameter space, designed to simulate turbulent spray combustion processes at a relatively low computational cost. The research covers several key areas, including the development of an effective evaporation model, the construction and validation of the spray flamelet model for both laminar and turbulent cases, and the adaptation of the model for heavy fuel cases.


Qun Hu received the B.S. degrees in Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Technology from Wuhan University in 2019. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the UM-SJTU Joint Institute, supervised by Prof. Lipo Wang. His research interest is turbulent spray combustion modeling.