The University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Join Institute (UM-SJTU JI, JI hereafter) Associate Professor Yanfeng Shen has won the award of 2021 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Ko Guan Top Ten Teachers, claiming the highest number of votes in the final competition held on December 16 in the No. 100 Auditorium of Chen Ruiqiu Building, SJTU Minhang campus.

The final competition was in the form of open class, including a lecture and a Q&A session. In his lecture, Professor Shen presented a class of sound vibration art. With vivid introduction on the essence of sound, signals of Chirp, White Noise and Harmonics, the definition of a beautiful sound was made. Professor Shen also summarized characteristics of a good sound vibration equipment and techniques of a good singer, introduced applications and significance of sound vibration, and displayed his unique insights on Art, Science and Life.

“Preach and teach, and virtue will lead to far. The meaning of a teacher’s life radiates from him to every one of his students, and to the whole society,” said Professor Shen who has been dedicated to providing high-quality teaching and guidance for his students.

The SJTU Ko Guan Top Ten Teachers competition was initiated by the graduate association of the university, aiming at selecting and awarding outstanding teachers on the SJTU campuses on annual basis. Yanfeng Shen is the sixth JI winner of the award, following David Hung, Mian Li, Chengbin Ma, Yapin Dan and Jun Zhang.