The ChatGPT in Higher Education forum,  co-hosted by the University of Michigan – Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (UM-SJTU JI, JI hereafter) Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) and SJTU Center for Teaching and Learning Development, was held on February 24 at Chen Ruiqiu Building of SJTU Minhang campus.

Dr. Ting Sun, director of JI CLT, gives an opening speech for the forum.

As speakers of the event, JI Associate Teaching Professor Manuel Charlemagne and Assistant Teaching Professor Peter Weise shared their insights on ChatGPT and had a candid discussion with a variety of audience on academic policies and pedagogical strategies to address its use in higher education.

Dr. Manuel Charlemagne provided an overview of the new AI language model developed by OpenAI, ranging from its basic features to learning strategy. As a trained mathematician, whose fields of interest expand beyond Mathematics and encompass Computer Science, Urbanism, and Ethics, he further focused on the effects of ChatGPT on maths and computer science courses.

Dr. Peter Weise highlighted the ways in which ChatGPT could revolutionize teaching and learning in courses that highly depend on writing and qualitative analysis. He also shared the attitudes and responses towards ChatGPT and similar AI technologies of some top higher education institutions, research communities, researchers and instructors.

Attendees witness a heated discussion on the ethical, theoretical and practical implications of ChatGPT in higher education.