JI’s Class 2008 held a teacher-appreciation banquet and red-carpet show at Liuyuan Restaurant on July 30. Robert Parker, Executive Dean, Shensheng Zhang, former Executive Dean, Peisen Huang, Associate Dean for Education, Scott Yang, Academic Affairs Manager, and several faculty and staff attended the event and had a good time with the graduates.
The red-carpet show, a special entertainment program created by this year’s JI graduates, kicked off at 5 o’clock. Students dressed in tuxes and gowns took turns walking on the red carpet with his/her date like celebrities. Each pair was asked to play some funny game by the hosts, which caused loud cheer and laughter. Everybody had fun. When the students were done, it was the faculty and staff’s turn to enter on the red carpet and receive welcoming applause.

When the banquet started, Executive Dean Robert Parker addressed the students, congratulating them and wishing them luck. He reminded the students never to forget JI and to keep in touch. Then students presented plaques of superlative awards, such as “The Most Beloved Teacher” to Prof. Shensheng Zhang and Scott Yang, “The Best Teacher” to Prof. Horst, “The Most Dedicated Teacher” to Prof. David Hung, “The Most Caring Teacher” to Qi Wu, and “The Most Humorous Teacher” to Prof. Mian Li. Class F0837101 was voted as “The Most Enthusiastic Class.” Groups of students took turns toasting the teachers to show their appreciation. Many teachers also gave out parting advice and good-luck wishes. The atmosphere is touching and warm

20120801170223392339Two Hosts for the Red Carpet Show

20120801170437553755Graduates dressed up nicely

20120801170418311831Former Executive Dean Shenshen Zhang

20120801170887098709Executive Dean Robert Parker

20120801171148444844Scott Yang, “The Most Beloved Teacher” 

20120801171244324432Prof. Mian Li, “The Most Humorous Teacher” 

20120801171312261226Class F0837101, “The Most Enthusiastic Class”

20120801171414351435Participants of the Best Program of the Graduation Show

20120801171698969896Parting Exhortation from Prof. Horst