The graduation show organized by JI’s Class of 2008 was held at the Jingjing Auditorium in the evening of July 23. The graduates and professors spent a memorable evening together reminiscing the past four years.

The show was opened by a video titled “The Coolest Moments in Our College Days” which replayed some extraordinary and funny events in chronological order and invoked waves of laughter. Then the stage lit up and illuminated “Family Forever,” the theme of the night.
The first program was a dynamic group dance featuring “Sorry Sorry” and “The Most Brilliant Ethnic Style, ” followed by a solo dance “The Girl We Chased Together in Those Days,” Chorus “JI Love Song,” “I Expect…,” and “At the Crossroad with the Blooming Phoenix Tree.” Then there were a humorous crosstalk, “Four Years,” and a play based on a true story, “The Story of Brother Hao and Sister Shui” which brought tears to the audience’s eyes. Next, a series of video clips depicted the students’ bitter and sweet years at JI: “The Time of Military Training,” “The Last Moment of the College,” “Hardship of the Academia,” “Happy Juniors,” and “Senior Year, Time to Apply for Graduate Schools.”
Many faculty members expressed their well wishes on the video. Prof. Daida from the University of Michigan went on the stage to deliver his last lecture of Vg100, reminding students of their responsibilities as engineers. Finally, students, teachers, and UM visiting students sang “We Are a Happy Family” together, and the hostess’ “Good Bye” drew the curtain down.

20120730164427112711Opening Dance

20120730164572467246Crosstalk “Four Years”

20120730164671217121Dance “Sorry Sorry”

20120730164591919191Play “The Story of Brother Hao and Sister Shui”

20120730164851615161Prof. Daida Delivered the Last Lecture of Vg100

20120730164884868486Singing “We are a Happy Family”

20120730164943544354Group Photo