JI’s Student Affairs Office, consisting of Scott Yang, Qi Wu, Candice Liu, Si Chen, Wentao Qian, and Jie Lin, has won the award of “Excellent Student Work Group,” which is the highest honor from the Student Affairs Committee of SJTU. Besides, the office has also won many other awards this year during the award ceremony held on January 10:

  1. Best Career placement Award;
  2. Award of Study Style Formation;
  3. Scott Yang, Manager of Academic Affairs, received the “Gold Key Award;”
  4. Qi Wu, Student Affairs Manager, was selected as excellent SJTU Ideological and Political Teacher;
  5. Candice Liu, Student Counselor, was elected as one of the ten best class teachers at SJTU;
  6. Si Chen, Student Counselor, was awarded as one of the ten model counselors, out of fierce competition.