The sixth annual SJTU Freshmen Mechanical Innovation Competition, sponsored by Liugong Group, kicked off on March 12. This year, the contest is organized by JI and the Department of Mechanical Engineering, co-sponsored by Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering. The participating teams are estimated to be more than 30.  The opening ceremony was attended by Scott Yang, JI’s Academic Affairs Manger, as well as party secretaries and counselors of related departments.
In Scott Yang’s address, he reminisced on the first competition 5 years ago, which had resulted from a chat among teachers of the two schools. Time flies, the competition has gone through 5 times and is getting increasingly popular and influential. It provides an opportunity for SJTU freshmen to practice creativity, team work, and hands-on capabilities which are emphasized by both schools. Yang encouraged the freshmen to treasure this chance and strive for good results, as a highlight of their college lives. He also recognized the efforts of the volunteer students.
Haicang Wu, a JI sophomore and member of last year’s winning team, gave a detailed explanation of this year’s competition theme and regulations. He also shared his experience in last year’s competition, showing the blueprint of his design.  He encouraged the contestants to start early in making the model cars and pay attention to fine tuning. Xinzong Ge from Mechanical Engineering, also a winner of last year’s competition, gave tips on making the model cars. He reminded students to manage time efficiently and follow the regulations very carefully. He suggested dividing the model car preparation into design, making, and testing phases and working on each with full attention to details.
Thanks to Liugong Group, the sole sponsor for this year’s competition, SJTU’s annual Freshmen Mechanical Innovation Competition can continue to provide a chance for freshmen to practice innovation and a foundation to prepare for their future.