The Joint Institute held a freshman academic guidance meeting at the JI Auditorium on March 14, attended by Dr. Gang Zheng, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, Scott Yang, Academic Affair Manager, Qi Wu, Student Affairs Manager, Yingyan Miao, Undergraduate Program Manager, and Ginger Lu, Academic Coordinator of International Office. The meeting was presided by Candice Liu, Career Counselor.
Dr. Gang Zheng gave tips on selecting courses in the spring and summer semesters. He answered students’ common questions. Regarding international cooperation, Dr. Zheng shared a lot of good news, for example, the new 3 + 2 program with the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology and the 4 + 1 program with the UM Ross School of Business. JI is offering increasingly more choices in international education for students.
Ginger Lu gave detailed explanation on dual degree application. She reminded the students that the deadline could likely be earlier than before; therefore students should pay attention to notice on Sakai and sign up early. At this stage, students should prepare for TOEFL or MELAB test and get high school diploma and transcripts ready. Yingyan Miao answered questions concerning humanities elective courses, course credit conversion method between UM and JI, CET, and other issues.
The new semester academic guidance is a distinctive guidance program of the Joint Institute. In addition to the group academic guidance, during the summer semester, each freshman student will have his/her own course-selecting advisor, who is a professional instructor, by two-way selection. Through one-to-one guidance, the advisor answers the student’s questions about academic and career development.