The tenth anniversary of the popular English Full House was celebrated with a big turnout of 60 students at the Western Cafe on May 29.
Master of Ceremony Anton, a JI first-year graduate student from Holland, weaved the lively party seamlessly with humor and charm.
The anniversary celebration was alternated between free interchanges and fun games. Boosted by delicious snacks and drinks, the participants got to break ice, mingle and become bonded. The entertaining games were well designed and enhanced the friendly atmosphere.

As a brand activity of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University cosponsored by the University of Michigan- SJTU Join Institute (UM-SJTU JI) Graduate Students’ Union and the Students’ Association of School of Foreign Languages, the English Full House meets at the Yu Liming Student Center every Friday evening, aiming to promote friendship between the Chinese and foreign students. It has become increasingly popular, attracting 30 to 50 students each time, even from other universities, with about one third being foreign students. The exchange is based on WeChat that plays an important role in promoting activities and has become a major contact medium, even among the foreign students. Members can share files and mailboxes to keep updated about club members and upcoming activities.

4_副本A past activity of the English Full House

The English Full House started as an English Corner but, due to high demand and increasing popularity, has evolved into a dynamic multifaceted club for cultural exchange. The students of both schools look forward to further cooperation and improving the club.